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Raw Material Ambassadors

Our newest project: Raw material substitution in smartphone displays:  "GRAPHEN" - a magic material

"Raw MatTERS”, is our message: raw materials are our focus, whatever their origin. Tackling European Resources Sustainably (TERS). We want to actively tackle the challenge ahead of us. Sustainability and the efficient use of natural resources are of central importance in everything we do. Achieving this vision really matters to us.

About us:

IBC goes Science


We are a group of young raw-material ambassadors, located in Lower Austria, Wr. Neustadt. Our aim is to inform the public about the rawmaterial graphene in order to replace mobilphone display material ITO with it.

Prof. Mag. Dr. Robert Kamper

Prof. Mag. Irene Paar

BHAK Ungargasse 29

2700 Wiener Neustadt


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